Friday, January 6, 2012


First piece of "finished" painting this year!  Also my first Starcraft fan art ever.  Belated, considering that I loved Starcraft since high school.

I couldn't really understand the story when I first played through the Starcraft I terran campaign because I spoke very little English.  It wasn't until I replayed some of the Starcraft I missions when I got SCII collector's edition that I realized exactly how Kerrigan turned into the queen of blades...  Man, if I were her I would probably be even angrier.

Below is a cropped/closer up version for my homepage:

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Mathew Kaminski said...

It's actually really sad what happened to her. I think that's another part of what makes Starcraft so much more epic to me, is that they were willing to take such risks with the storyline.

Anyway, this piece looks amazing! :)