Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sketch practice #1

I've been meaning to do some master studies of concept sketches since a long while ago, but always felt like I didn't know where to start when I look at the hundreds of badass sketches from crazy artists such as Paul Richards.  So today I finally got around to doing one... hopefully more to come.  I also tried to sketch my own, much lamer, versions of the same subject-matter in an attempt to internalize some of the study.

What I forgot to do in the study was to figure out a purpose for these devices, and to try to communicate that.  Doing so may also help me keep my shape language consistent.  Could have also pushed the main screen a lot more.  These are notes for tomorrow, when I hope to do more and better sketches of the same subject-matter.

Also, it's actually incredibly refreshing to draw with a pencil for a change.  I did realize that my sketchbook is just a tad too large for my scanner though... ugh.


Richie Marella said...

Nice doodles Grace. I want an office like that.

Mathew Kaminski said...

Ohhh I actually really think these are impressive! :)

You should do more of this type of thing, digital is over-rated anyhow ;)