Sunday, November 9, 2014

inflight movie studies, and samurai armor sketches

adding Appleseed to "movies i can't even watch while stuck on international flight list, after Transformers2.

LACMA samurai exhibition tiday was rad, though.

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Mathew Kaminski said...

Stepping into a new direction here.
I think that the washy way of painting suits well for your painting style. As always, it's awesome to see you pushing!
I would actually recommend you check out a friend of mine: John Lee (, some of the painterly experiments that he's doing seem similar to what you've done here.
Other than that I just say keep on doing what you're doing! :)
If you ever need critique or inspiration or anything, you can hit me up on skype. Also, it could be fun to sketch on the same thing or do an art trade or something...
Anyway, have a good day madam!