Monday, March 4, 2013

charcoal heads

Once again, I find myself in an incredibly lucky situation.

I've been feeling stuck when it comes to drawing.  I hate my drawings for being safe/stale, yet shy away from pushing it so far into stylization that it would become cartoony.  It's more of a mental block than anything.

Right at this time, they got a kick-butt instructor for our usual wednesday night life drawing session.  The instructor is an old-school commercial artists who stresses the needs to make people look attractive.  Having my head firmly stuck into the realms of realism, I disagreed inwardly but decided to give it a try.

Then it finally clicked.  Knowing what the ideal would look like does not take realism away from me.  It gives me more freedom to push things one way or another from the idealism, and allows me to capture the essence of people.  Pushing shape design is the only way I can break out of my current stalemate against myself.

Glen Orbik, you are such a badass.  Thank you.


limsh said...

lucky you!! it's very lucky thing to find someone helps you click. I really like the second image with 2 rough drawings. feels fearless!

Mathew Kaminski said...

These are looking great!

I would suggest you take a look at some old-school portrait style artists to really start to get a feel for 'stylized' realism.

For example look up Charles Dana Gibson's Gibson Girl. This was a staple of the beauty from the days of yore.

It could also be very useful for you to look up more current generation artists for inspiration on your portraiture like Alex Alice or Nathan Fowkes.

Either way, these portraits are looking great and I hope you love charcoal as much as I do.

Keep it up! :)