Thursday, January 24, 2013

Building study


there we go again, learn to draw hard surface stuff attempt #... I have no clue how many!


Mathew Kaminski said...

That's looking great Grace! :)

I'm sure it's from a ref image (I believe), but it would help you supremely to group your values in the foreground. Consider maybe a darker scheme so that when you get to the farthest back (the lightest point), it will pull your eye in that direction.

Of course, ignore this if it was just a study in the texture of stone. :)

Grace Liu said...

Hey how has it been :D

Thanks! It's a halfass study trying to get used to drawing architectures. There were actual efforts to do perspective lines etc :P even though everything's still wonky.

GWhitehall said...

Looks great, Grace. Depending on how hard surface you want it to look, the polygonal lasso tool can help sometimes. MOAR PLZ

Grace Liu said...

wtf guys, I was just telling someone nobody ever looks at my blog. Thanks for making me lie.

Just kidding, thanks sensei Gino!