Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hell Beast

Just got an awesome presentation from one of my most favorite artists: Laurel D Austin.


  • Use silhouette of something to subtly add the flavor of it to your design.  (Example: pirate sleeves to add flair)
  • When doing character concept art, it's good to think about giving modelers different texture/specularities to play with.  (example: zipper/buckle on matte materials)
  • Use sub-surface scattering to express transparency.  (Example: crab reference photo)
  • Due to the fantasy nature of imaginary creatures, it is important to make them feel more real by nailing down the gesture and personality.
Sketch process:

1. gesture/personality
2. anatomy/basic hint of lighting
3. add color by using an multiply layer, essentially using the color layer as a mask to block in more basic colors
4. paint over more details


Eric Braddock said...

Would've loved to check that presentation out. Laurel's work rocks socks.

Grace Liu said...

no joke, she's so crazy good :)