Sunday, August 19, 2012

Gamescom paintings

In the rush to try and copy my files before the light went back on again, I screwed up and did not grab the correct folder off the computer on stage >_<

Here are 2 of my practice runs, 2 hours each on top of pre-drawn clean line drawings.  They probably look better than the real thing because it was a lot more relaxing drawing at home, without having to answer questions :)

It was very challenging, and I hope I didn't botch too many questions.  A lot of fun though, and it's unbelievable I got to do something this cool.  It's one of the most awesome experiences in my life.

Here's the witchdoctor from live stage which happened to be saved in the correct folder.  It's at the end of the one-hour mark, grayscale.

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