Monday, June 18, 2012

Astra Trader Sketch

I loved writing fantasy stories in high school, and some of the stories evolved to hint at a larger fantasy world.  I hope to make a game out of this world at some point, but I thought I should begin doing sketches now rather than waiting for myself to learn scripting... which in theory would happen once I feel happy about my art skills... which may never actually happen :P

The world's populated by humans of different racial and cultural groups, rather than high fantasy humanoid races like elves or dwarves.  The people of Astra is kind of like real-life Gypsies.  They roam about solo or in groups as traders, seers, or mercenaries.  There are no known Astra settlements or kingdoms on any map. Adding to the mystery and taboo is their ability to work strange, voodoo-like spells that do not belong in any officially recognized school of magic.

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