Monday, February 20, 2012

Visual Library?

In real life, I can be a very oblivious person.  My lazy brain enjoys seeing color and light, but does not care much for trying to do complicated tasks such as remembering details or figuring out how machine parts fit together.  I've vaguely guessed that this was going to become a road block for me a couple of years ago, and tried a few times to force myself into drawing stuff I absolutely hate.  At the time, I gave up in frustration because it was so painful for me.

Here I am, attempting to throw myself at the problem again.  Funny thing is, it's actually a lot less painful to do than I remembered.  Maybe the failed previous attempts weren't a total waste after all...

Anyhow, for starters, here's a sketch of a strange machine that came up in my google image search.


kongN8R said...

Pretty cool drawing. But a couple mechanical details don't make sense. I assume it's a foot-powered lathe. The crank handle looks like it'll rotate down and hit the machine when the lathe turns. And there's a piece in the back that angles up to support the back of the shaft - but it doesn't look like it's much of a support (protrudes through a slot in the frame, and then goes right to the pulley wheel). But those are only functional details - I think the drawing is quite nice. I think it's good exercise to try to draw machines.
Tom Sloper (saw your sig on gamecareerguide)

Grace Liu said...

Tom, Thank you so much for your critique! I plan to do a lot more of this type of stuff after GDC. Would much appreciate if you find the time to check back :)