Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wine Cup

I have a Chinese poem stuck in my head tonight.

Even though I now mostly dream in English, the Chinese language still feels 100 times more flavorful than English.  The more I experience in life, the more some of the ancient poems I learned so very long ago ring true.  There are so much layers of subtleties and undertones, the kind of connection I do not yet and may never have with English words, that I could entertain myself for a long while at a time just reflecting upon each and every word in the verses.  If you have ever heard a song that seems to be written just for you when you are feeling melodramatic, I guess that's kind of how I feel when I remember the poems.

The particular poem that's stuck in my head right now is titled "Drinking With Myself and the Moon".  It's a lonely poem, in which the poet describes a drinking party of three consisting of him, his shadow, and the moon.

This doodle is done to two verses of the poem, somewhere near the end.  Please excuse my terrible translation.

I sing as the moon wanders, I dance and my shadows scatter
We laugh and chat till we are drunk, and we'll go separate ways after


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Mathew Kaminski said...

That's a beautiful poem!

I hope to see this one finished :D