Monday, April 25, 2011

DWV - God of Oblivion - Reboot

Reboot.  Trying to unify the design, clarify the idea and choose an easier/more majestic pose to do.


Chad Weatherford said...

Hi...Nice work!

I know what you are saying below about not being able to leave a failed piece alone. I have a massive folder of them I cycle through trying to fix when I have the time.
Regarding the hilltop piece...I actually really like the first version...but I guess with personal work it's dependent on your satisfaction and what you are trying to achieve. Thanks for sharing!

Grace Liu said...

Hey Chad, really appreciate the kind remarks. I think my eyes are way better than my skill at the moment, and I'm very often frustrated by my inability to produce what I perceive as good art. One of the main things I'm battling is my tendency to noodle around without making up my mind, which is why I hated the first temple sketch. The second one likely has just has many errors, but I'm hoping that forcing myself to commit and then correct would work out better for me in the long-term than hiding behind all the noodlings.

I'm still a newbie with tons to learn and I really appreciate your feedback :)

Chad Weatherford said...

frustrated by your inability to produce what you perceive as good art? This sounds familiar... that frustration must be fairly common. The tortured artist syndrome.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and offering the kind words. I really need to stop procrastinating and update it again soon!