Thursday, April 24, 2008

Directed Focus Study

For this term, one of our four classes is essentially a 2-month project of our choice. I chose concept art. A bit overwhelmed by the sudden, almost complete freedom, I chose to depict a new world built upon the ruins of what we know as the "modern world". I went for a different, more cheerful tone from the often gloomy genre of post-apocalyptic settings, as the dwellers of the new world are completely occupied with their own lives without much idea of what happened or who lived in the destroyed world. The history of the past world is more of a novelty topic to be discussed in lazy evenings in taverns and bars.

Meet Aura the treasure hunter. Her most recent quest for lost artifacts from the forgotten age took her to a dwindling tourist town built upon impressive and mysterious ruins. She is confident and tough. She prefers action over words, but when she does speak her tongue can be sharper than her blade.

Aura's weapons and vehicle, pieced together from old parts and other random stuff. The vehicle is powered by a lawn mower engine. It's a little faster than walking and a little slower than jogging. However, it does carry a good amount of weight.

The town she found herself in held many wonders and mysteries. She quickly found a small tavern that suited her. When she is not exploring the nearby ruins or wandering the streets barely populated with the last of tourists she likes to listen to the tails of the bartender. Nothing fends off the chill of the desert night like a roaring fire and a few mugs of ale.

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